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Guide Veron UMAMI (2)

Umami Eng

 Everybody knows the 5 flavours: acid; bitter; salted; sweet.

During a tasting we have to add the notion of length « CAUDALIE » depth; texture; relief; roundness; asperity; vivacity; minerality and sapidity.


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Quatz Benefits

Quartz will restore the positive polarity of telluric currents, blow up the vibratory rate of the place, which prevents degradation of what is there.

On the other hand quartz delivers antioxidant message, so he took a good balance. It will also prolong the effects of organic silica, which is used in biodynamic preparations.

It is is a crystalline mass (very rare to have so many beautiful peaks. Weight is between 12 and 20 kg. 37 cm high, 38 cm wide

In addition to increasing the vibratory rate, it


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Juin 2013 / June 2013

June 2013, Vineyard before the 1th plowing

Gold Medal 2013 Zoémie

One Gold Medal for Zoémie Précieuse



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