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The vine has roots called "pivots", which descend up to 10 or 12 meters to extract salts and trace elements from the chalk. When the rooting is deep, the taste of soil is stronger than that of the the vine. The deeper the root is, the farest it is from fertilizers, and the more nutritive elements from the soil it extracts, which guarantees the quality of the grapes.

TERROIR Soil Bodem Suelo Suolo Boden テロワール

AOC: Champagne

Production: 70/75 000 bottles DE SOUSA and 30 000 Zoémie DE SOUSA

Vineyard created: before 1890

Surface: 11 Ha

Layout: 42 different lots

Geology: 100% Chalk

CULTURE culture cultuur cultura cultura Kultur 文化

Fertilizers: Organic fertlilizers authorized by EC regulations

Pruning: Chablis – Cordon de Royat

Grapes: 30% Pinot Noir – 10% Pinot Meunier – 60% Chardonnay 70% Old vines

Average age of vines: over 45. Grafting : 41 B

Yield per ha: according to the appelation, about 60 hectoliters per ha

Plantation density: 8.000 vines per ha

Plantation of new vines: only when necessary to replace an old one

Antibotrytis treatment: none

Insecticide spraying: only when necessary

VINIFICATION winemaking wijnmaken elaboración del vino vinificazione Weinbereitung ワイン

Origin of yest: Technical Oenological Center

Fermentation time: 15 to 20 days

Chaptalization: when necessary to obtain 11% vol

Regulation system: immersed cooling coil

Fermentation temperature: 18°C

Vats: Coated steel end barrels

Cuvee wine: 75% in 1992, 100% since then

Filtering: Lightest possible Kiesulguhr

Wine-meaker: Erick De Sousa

Oenological advisor: James Darsonvilles

The fermenting room

Vinification in coated steel vats preserve the authenticity of the soil. We managed to have one year of stocks for the blendings.

Since 1995, for the old vines (more than 50 years old), vinification is done in small oak barrels to give matter to the wine.

Cellar maturation

In the chalk cellar, the temperature is always 10°C. The wine ages and matures slowly in the darkness and perfect quietude.

We keep 2,5 years of poduction in cellar as a buffer stock. The remuage is carried out manually.

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