Mycorhize De sousa




De sousa

The more compacted the soils are, the less the vine can develop its roots.
Its network of rootlets will not be able to infiltrate deep in the soil and therefore to return the soil from which it gets its food.
The essential is to develop the diversity of micro-organisms in the soil via natural practices respecting soils, such as: « biodynamic», «aeration of soils ».
Running ploughs with a horse is part of it and enables to minimize soil compaction, thereby contributing to developing MYCORRHIZAE, hence a better feeding of the vine and a better quality of its fruits.
The more the roots can explore the subsoil and get nutriments for their development, the better the texture of the champagne produced.
Fertilisers, chemical products against mildew and powdery mildew, together with pesticides and other acaricides are more harmful for the vines, but we should not forget that soil compaction is far as bad.
Thanks to Mycorrhizae which dissolve the bedrock, the roots can draw their food: trace elements.
They are a key means of transmission between the soil, the subsoil and the vine.
Thanks to them, grapes are richer and can reach maturity more easily.
Mycorrhizae are the result of the symbiotic association between mushrooms and plants roots.

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Dégustation :
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Pure attack allowed by an adjusted dosage, with only 3 g/L of sugar added at disgorgement, enhanced by the vibrant minerality which carries us throughout the tasting. The mouth then becomes caressing, a characteristic sign of an incredible softness. Dense and generous finish, punctuated by delicate spices, definitely the expression of the vinification in 225 liters oak barrels, realized by indigenous yeasts (natural yeasts of the terroir). Infinite length on the palate.
To taste at any time, to accompany a marinated salmon filet with mashed peas and wasabi, for example. Original and sober presentation. Name and label evocative of the respect of soils life.