Extra-Brut Réserve De sousa



Extra-Brut Réserve

De sousa

An authentic, singular Champagne made exclusively from Chardonnay, a white grape with white juice.
Although less widely known to the public than blended Champagnes, blancs de blancs (100% Chardonnay) are particularly sought-after by connoisseurs, who appreciate their delicate aromas as well as their vibrant freshness.
"Brut Réserve" is a blend of two or three different years and contains at least 25% reserve wine.

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Dégustation :
味わい :

Colour: Golden, with green overtones. Leaves a long-lasting "necklace" of small bubbles at the surface. Impressive limpidity.
The intense nose is evidence of a striking maturity. In addition to notes of fresh roasted coffee, eucalyptus and dried fruit, there is a very expressive floral character.
The palate is very round with honeyed accents. While the dosage is apparent, the result is well-balanced. The finish is long and delightfully refreshing.